Fire Pierre McGuire

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The people who have signed this petition demand that TSN immediately fire Pierre McGuire. These same people also agree to boycott TSN until this jackass is fired.

Pierre McGuire is an idiot. His ridiculous comments ruin hockey games. Hockey games shown on TSN when he is on commentary are only bearable when the television is on mute. Even having his comments on closed caption is extremely irritating. If I hear that moron say Hammertime or Whammo one more time I swear I am going to throw a brick through my television.

He is an embarrassment to hockey, Canada and TSN. I dont understand how this goof got a job in the first place, and I dont understand why he still has a job after defiling NHL and World Junior hockey games. The only reason I can think of is that TSN thinks it's funny to have a legally retarded person on commentary.