Ikea, please get rid of Verdana!

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Ikea was always considered one of the top global advocates for good design, through their products and catalogue designs. Their identity was minimalist, clean, using classic typefaces derived from Futura (Ikea Sans) and Century Schoolbook (Ikea Serif).

This summer, something terrible happened. The typefaces in both printed and electronic communications were replaced with Verdana, a typeface designed specifically for being legible on computer screens at small sizes. More details here: http://www.iancul.com/blog/2009/08/25/ikea-sans-replaced-by-verdana/

We, the undersigned designers, consider this to be a mutilation of Ikea's long admired design philosophy. It is sad this is happening, and it undermines Ikea's design leadership. Please bring Ikea Sans/Serif back, or get a proper typeface instead of Verdana!

Thank you Ikea, for still believing in the value of good design and for listening to us!