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If you are as tired and fed up as I am about the atrocities that our children are put through daily, then this is the petition is for you. This petition has been created for the sole benefit of children all over the world.

No longer can we, as American citizens, stand by and watch our children die. We must show our local, state and federal government that we are a force that will no longer be quiet.

We must stand up and hear the cries of the children all over the world. Not only hear them, but we must also help them! Help them to be what God intended them to be. SAFE!

We must begin to let the government know that Child Abuse is not something that we accept. Our society has rolled over on this issue far long enough. We have accepted it far long enough. We live in a society where children are mutilated, tortured, destroyed physically, sexually and emotionally on a minute by minute basis. This is accepted by our society. If it were not accepted then these things would not be tolerated!

Our laws and legislation are useless and powerless. All branches of our Government refuse to take the steps needed to put an end to this horror.
I say we, as American citizens, need to "Make it Stop". We can all begin by signing this very petition.

We can begin by writing our governors and telling them to stop campaigning on issues that are irrelevant. Tell them to stop riding in limos and going to charity dinners. Tell them to"Focus on the Children"

If you would like to stand with me on this issue, then please sign this petition and pass it on to everyone on your mailing lists. We can be the voice of reason and we will be heard!

The Mental, Physical and Sexual torture that people are putting our children through is beyond all comprehension. Our children are growing up in a world that allows the very people who were put on this earth to protect them to use them and abuse them and then to discard them. With only a slap on the wrist as punishment!

Zero Tolerance, to me, is how we should make our elected government officials deal with these people. Now, I am not a radical by any means. I am not an extremist. What I am is a mother of three who is sick to death of seeing the atrocities that are inflicted on the little ones of this world.
We must all come together as one body and make a change. Our Government at all levels needs to hear a united voice. A voice that is loud and strong. A voice that says "No More".

Our Justice System needs to know that no longer will we accept plea bargains for those who Sexually, Physically and Emotionally torment our young. No longer will they be allowed the chance to commit these heinous crimes over and over again before they are locked away!

It is time to make Child Abuse a heinous crime to commit. As I look around I see that the consequences and punishments for these crimes against children, in no way, shape or form, are as they should be. Punishment should always fit the crime. In my own hometown it does not. Does it in yours? Somehow I seriously doubt it. If you want to make a difference. If you want to see change. If you have a heart, then sign this petition. Join me not only in a petition but in making a difference in the lives of children everywhere.