We Support the Iranian Gay and Lesbian Community

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    Persian Gay & Lesbian Organization - УЗТгЗд егМдУСнЗд ЗнСЗдн
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We Support the Iranian Gay and Lesbian Community

We the undersigned declare that:
1. Iranian gay men and lesbians are suffering persecution in Iran and we demand that they be granted freedom and legal protection by the ruling government;
2. Iranian gay men and lesbians live under a homophobic regime in Iran;
3. According to the Islamic penal code, homosexuality is punishable by lashing, torture, harassment, persecution, and death;
4. Iranian gay men and lesbians have no legal rights in their home country and deserve the legal and political protection of outside governments and organizations;
By signing this petition, we state our support for the freedom and legal protection of gays and lesbians in Iran.

We, the undersigned, aim for:
1. A widespread campaign for the liberation of gays and lesbians from the oppressive restrictions placed upon them by the Iranian government;
2. An end to existing Islamic penal codes in Iran and equal protection for gays and lesbians under a just legal system;
3. The protection of Iranian gays and lesbians by international human rights organizations
4. Asylum protection for all Iranian gays and lesbians so long as existing penal codes do not change in Iran and homosexuals are not given equal rights according to international legal standards.

We, the undersigned,
1. Condemn any and all sort of harassment, torture, execution, stoning, and persecution of gays and lesbians inside and outside Iran;
2. Condemn the arrest and violation of the rights gays and lesbians by the authorities;
3. Consider the denial of asylum by any government to Iranian gays and lesbian cruel and inhumane;
4. Hope to see the day when Iranian gays and lesbians can live in peace under legal protection like gays and lesbians.