Save the Indiana University Pom Squad

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We oppose the recent decision made by the Indiana University administration to disband the Indiana University Pom Squad. We believe that the Pom Squad enhances the spirit traditions at Indiana University through their sideline dances, time-out dances, halftime performances, National Competition appearances, and performances around Bloomington. As IU athletic supporters, we do not just attend football, volleyball and basketball games to watch the sports themselves we attend to enjoy the atmosphere that is enhanced by the IU cheerleaders and Pom Squad members. It is necessary to continue the tradition of the IU Pom Squad because they bring a unique aspect to the spirit of Indiana athletics.

Background Information:

The Poms have existed since the early 1960's when the Hurryin' Hoosiers moved to the IU Fieldhouse, our basketball home court until Assembly Hall opened in 1971. The Poms served as the starting point for many young ladies who aspired to be Indiana University Cheerleaders, but over the last 10-15 years, the Poms became more of a dance group who also cheered and no longer was a prerequisite for being an Indiana Cheerleader, From Indiana University assistant athletic director, Chuck Crabbs email to the 2006-2007 Pom candidates.