Please release Lindsay Anderson's IF.... on DVD, Paramount.

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    Paramount Home Video
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Dear Paramount Home Video:

The DVD technology has allowed a large number of classic and non-classic movies to see new light. At your studio's home video department, many of your classic catalog titles have been issued on DVD. We the undersigned, however, would like to see the release of Lindsay Anderson's 1968 film IF.... on the DVD format.

Recently, a new 35mm print of this controversial classic has been doing the rounds of repertory theaters. It is obvious from that if Paramount's Classics division went to the time and expense of creating a new print of IF.... it should still hold sufficient interest among both older and newer audiences thirty-odd years after the fact. Also, as many film afficianados know, IF.... marked the screen debut of Malcolm McDowell (A CLOCKWORK ORANGE). Mr. McDowell has spoken highly in the past and now of IF... and his collaborations with the director, Lindsay Anderson. A DVD release of IF... would be even better in terms of quality and sales with Mr. McDowell's participation.

So then, here are our suggestions for a Special Edition DVD release of Lindsay Anderson's IF.... :

1) a new widescreen transfer (aspect ratio 1.75:1) enhanced for
16x9 televisions

2) Dolby Digital Mono and (if possible)Surround or 5.1 sound mixes

3) A running commentary with star Malcolm McDowell (as stated
before, if asked, he'd do this in a flash) and screenwriter
David Sherwin

4) original US and UK theatrical trailers

5) a making-of documentary with interviews from the cast and crew
who are still alive

6) Stills and poster gallery (if the original master tapes exist,
Marc Wilkinson's music score could be played out in full stereo
to accompany the stills and promo artwork section)

Well, that is what we'd like to see. So please issue IF... on DVD, Paramount. And give it the same respect that you have given to so many of your other DVD releases. It will be worth it.