clean Iraq of pollutants of war and save the still surviving victims

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cleaning Iraq of pollutants of war and save the still surviving victims !

Kadhim Almuqdadi
Head of Department of Environmental management,
Arab Academy in Denmark

[email protected]

Jдringegrдnd 19, NB
163 63 Spеnga
Stockholm- Sweden

Mobile: 0046 76 23 88 898

On the sixth anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and motivated by the national, professional, and humanitarian call of duty, a group of academicians, experts, researchers, engineers, and environmental activists, doctors and specialists, Iraqis, Arabs and foreigners; and a number of unions, associations and civil society organizations; call on the United Nations, the new American administration, the European Union, the Governments of the region and the brotherly and friendly countries to remind everyone of the environmental and health disaster caused by the war on Iraq, especially the radioactive contamination which resulted of the use of uranium munitions in the second (1991) and third (2003) Gulf wars. This disaster has left behind hundreds of thousands of cancer deaths and injuries, congenital malformations, stillbirths, infertility, and many other untreatable ailments so far.

Memorandum to the United Nations and the Governments of the countries of the world

Dear Sirs,
We, the undersigned: academics, experts, researchers, engineers, environmentalists, activists, doctors and specialists; Iraqis, Arabs and foreigners; civil society unions, associations and organizations; responding to the call of our national and professional and humanitarian duty, desperately asking everybody to consider the tragic health and environment situation in Iraq, and to remind the international community - represented by the United Nations, the U.S. Administration, the Governments of the European Union, and countries of the Middle East region, particularly the Arab Gulf States, of the environmental and health disaster caused by the war on Iraq, especially due to the radioactive contamination which resulted from the use of uranium munitions in the second (1991) and third (2003) Gulf wars, where scientific reports have confirmed that the damage had been far reaching in Iraq, and beyond it to the entire Gulf region, and has even reached more distant countries.

In Iraq , the environmental pollution which occurred after the war, especially the radioactive, has already caused hundreds of thousands of cancer deaths and injuries, and congenital deformities, stillbirths, infertility, and many untreatable ailments.

Knowing that no dose of radiation, however low, is safe and harmless, we remind you that no borders, no matter how well-controlled, can prevent the transfer of the radioactive contaminants displaced with the wind, to the neighbouring countries. Those contaminants have already moved by tens of kilometers away from the contaminated sites.

You are well aware of the extraordinary situations and thorny issues that Iraq is confronted with. The environmental problems and health consequences, created by the former regime's policies, have exacerbated after the invasion in 2003, and the country still lacks the potential of immediate and effective required treatment. These factors, among others, have made Iraq unable alone at the present time, to tackle the thorny and urgent problem of cleaning its environment from the polluted and contaminated remains, nor successfully treat the tens of thousands of victim patients, nor put an end to the diseases caused by the pollution within any acceptable time.

Hence, in your name, brothers and friends, and the name of our joint international responsibility, we direct our call:
- to the United Nations, its Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, and the specialized agencies, notably: the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) ..
- to the international and regional scientific research centers ..

- to the U.S. administration of president Barack Obama, of whom we join the world in the hope that he fulfills his promise of an international policy different than the practices of the president Bush administration. Our hopes are raised especially after the Presidents signing in 13/3/2009, of a law severely restricting the sales of Cluster Bombs, which is an important step towards a total ban of this brutal weapon. Therefore we are encouraged to call on president Obama for an immediate commencement of a campaign to clean up the radioactive waste of Depleted uranium ammunition of the American weapons, left in Iraq .

This dangerous leftover has caused the Iraqi people and the peoples of the neighbouring countries a frightening damage to health and environment. We also ask the president, to consider vacating the stock of such ammunitions of the US forces stationed in Iraq in order to avoid such disasters in the future.

- Also we call on the European Parliament and the European Commission to consider this as a part of the priority of the European Union's policy and objectives of the global environment protection.
This will be a real and effective expression of solidarity between peoples in critical times, and an excellent prelude to the strategic partnership agreement due to be negotiated next year between the EU and Iraq .

- Also we call on to the Governments of the countries who joined the United States in the wars of 1991 and 2003 and which also used depleted uranium ammunitions in Iraq , into sharing the responsibility of the health and environmental disaster of Iraq today.

- And to the Governments of the region, particularly the neighbouring countries, notably the Gulf Arab countries, which signed in the declaration of the Council of Arab Ministers of the Environment issued since 2004, to act and to request the Arab States, Arab, regional and international organizations, to provide support to Iraq for the implementation of the projects of environmental protection and help Iraq to accede to the international environmental conventions, and for the preparation of national strategies and work programs. There has not been of very little.

We invite everyone to take immediate and serious action, and the timely and urgent implementation of all international obligations and commitments, which were promised since the fall of the former regime of Iraq, and above all the promise of help in the reconstruction of Iraq, and aiding it economically, environmentally, scientifically and in health care, and to provide the required technology therefore.

We propose the formation of a specialized international body, and the adopting of an emergency environmental management, to study and deal with the pollution caused by the recent wars, especially radiation, and its environmental and health effects in Iraq . We call to provide a helping hand to the Iraqi government in the treatment of cancer and other related diseases, and help in the alleviation of the patients' suffering.

There is no doubt that the success in cleaning the Iraqi environment from the radioactive contamination would be beneficial to the environment of the region and the world.

In addition to the fact that it is a legitimate right of the Iraqi people on the international community, it is guaranteed by the laws and treaties and international conventions, notably the Geneva Conventions, relating to the rights of civilians in armed conflicts and occupation, including the various provisions and rules governing the international protection of the environment during the wars in the light of the rules of the international humanitarian law.

We very much hope that the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the new American president, the European Union, and the brotherly and friendly governments, will show the adequate attention to the problem, and to move quickly to find and implement the proper solutions to it, and save the still-surviving patients, most of whom are the future of the Iraqi people - its children - of an otherwise inevitable death!

With our highest consideration and respect!

Dear Reader, Whether you are an Iraqi, an Arab, or a foreigner, and wherever you are. Adding your name to the list of the signatories of the memorandum is an expression of your solidarity with the people of Iraq in their desperate call for support for the clean up their country of war pollutants, and save the victims of an inevitable death.

For Arabic version of the petition, please see:

The signatories:

1/ Physics engineer Khachak F. Wartanian -Iraqi researcher in radioactive contamination of DU

2/ Asst. Professor Kadhim Almuqdadi , MD, PhD, Physician and Environmental researcher in environmental and health hazards of DU-

3/ Dr. Jawad Al-Ali MD, Oncologist and researcher Basra-Iraq

4/ Professor Anis Malik Al-Rawi - Nuclear Chemistry - Sweden

5/ Asst. Professor Adnan Al-Dhahir - Nuclear Chemistry - Germany

6/ Dr. Wadee Batti Hanna - Nuclear Chemistry - Sweden

7/ Professor Haifaa Jaafer Jewer , Biologist- UK

8/ Professor Nadhir Al-Ansari Aquatic environment - Sweden

9/ Asst. Professor Ali Fahad Altaei, Environmental researcher - Iraq

10/ Professor Husam Saleh Jabur - Aquatic Expert - Sweden

11/ Engineer Sabah Aziz Al-Soudani - Chemical consultant - Iraq

12/ Professor Fikrat Majeed Hassan - Aquatic Environment - Sweden

13/ Dr. Mueyad Alhussaini Alabid - researcher in Nuclear Physics -Sweden

14/ Asst. Professor Ibrahim Ismail - researcher in Plant Physiology - Sweden

15/ Asst. Professor Riadh Al-Baldawi - Psychologist and researcher - Sweden

16/ Engineer Expert Saadia Flaih Hasson - Iraq

17/ Asst.Professor Khalid Alfartosi - Biologist - Iraq

18/ Engineer Thamer Al-Saffar - Ecological researcher - Canada

19/ Engineer Expert Adel Alriahi - Iraq

20/ Physics engineer Muna Mohammed - - Iraq

21/ Asst.Professor Hussein Al-Rikabi- Environmental researcher - UAE

22/ Asst.Professor Furat K. Abdul Hussain- Environmental psychologist -UK

23/ Dr. Ali Ramadhan Al-Awsi PhD, researcher - Iraq

24/ Dr. Abdul Hussei M. Awad - PhD, researcher - UK

25/ Dr. Karim Hussein Kh. Salman - Geochemist - Iraq

26/ Azzm Makki - Academic, researcher in Bioinformatics - UK

27/ Engineer Ala Kamil Alwan - Environmental activist - Iraq

28/ Shabaad Jabbar Geologist, Environmental activist - Sweden

29/ Salam Hussein O. Alhilaly - Environmental engineer - Iraq

30/ Dr. Sadik Albiladi MD, Physiciant specialist - Germany

31/ Dr. Naser Youssif - MD consultant - Sweden

32/ Dr. Radwan Alwakil PhD, Physucian specialist- UK

33/ Dr. A. H. Al-Aaraji - PhD, Eyes surgery consultant - Sweden

34/ Dr. Henan Fadhil Al-Taei - MD - Germany

35/ Dr. Ali Al-Sammak - PhD, UK

36/ Engineer Saeb Khalil Electronics & Computer - Belgium

37/ Dr. Firas A. H. Al-Khafaji - MD - Germany

38/ Dr. Riadh Jameel - MD- Sweden

39/ Dr.Fadhil Al-Taei - MD - Iraq

40/ Union of the Iraqi associations in Sweden

41/ Centre for the Environmental studies at the Arab Academy - Denmark

42/ Centre for South-Iraq studies - London .

43/ Association of "Together for the protection of the human and the Environment" - Iraq

44/ President of the Reg. executive bureau of the Migrant Forum at the European Union

45/ Iraqi Association for the Defense of Human Rights - Sweden

46/ Iraqi Forum for the human and social development - Iraq

47/ Iraqi Association for the defense of Human Rights - Denmark

48/ Hassan Alwan - Civil Engineer. - Canada

49/ Professor Kasem H. Saleh MD, President of the Iraqi Psychological association - Iraq

50/ Saleh Thaer- Chemical Engineer. - researcher in technologies of Environmental protection - Hungary

51/ Professor Walid Naji Al-Hayyali - Academic - Denmark

52/ Professor Essam Abdullah -Philosophy, and Director of the Studies Unit of contemporary civilizations - Ain Shams University Egypt.

53/ Dr. Nabil Yassin - Watch democracy in Iraq.

54/ Human Society for Human Rights in Iraq.

55/ Dr.Kamil Alzayady, Ph.D , Stony Brook University, Department of Oral Biology & Pathology and Dermatology.

56/ Dr. Amar Sabih Alallaq, Researcher and lecturer, McGill University- Canada, Iraqi Canadian.

57/ Dr. Mohammed Alhassoni, Physician -specialist in prevention of injuries and violence Karoliniska Sweden.

58/ Dr. H. Nassim ,Ortopedist France.

60/ Dr:Majid Ruman, PhD physics, Finland.

61/ Lyubov Paevska - Master Degree Maths UK.

62/ Ahmad AL-Rashedi - Merchant Denmark.

63/ Dr. Dhia Alwan, Ph.D of Nutrition Sweden.

64/ Fatin Noor, Engineer / Writer, USA.

65/ ٍSaman F.Alhowaizy, Aphr. Cons. Phys. MD.IBP-Scientific GmbH, Medical Advisor- Germany.

66/ Dr.Ahmad Alrubeai- Consultant Astroenterologist, University Lecture- Australia.

67/ Munir Chalabi - Iraqi political and Oil analyst, living in the UK.

68/ Mohammed Fadhil Niaama- writer, researcher and academic - Iraq.

69/ Oras Ibrahim Executive remuneration Associate Dubai.

70 / Raed Kadhum Alasadi, Faculty of Education, University of Qadisiyah - Iraq

71/ Dr.Bassim Al-shadir, Biologist, Nature and ART,Social Work and Human Rights Hamburg-Germany

72/ Islam Abdel Tawab - Egyptian Islamic researcher- Egypt.

73/ Prof. Mahmoud Hazem Alrashid, academic and activist civil society organizations in Germany.

74/ Kifah and Ganima Piton, Nurses- Melbourne, Australia

75/ Ala Mahdi - Director of Credit and media - Sydney - Australia

76/ Emad Al-Saad - Small environmental project manager-Abu Dhabi U AE.

77/ Abdul Salam Abdul-Karim Aweys - a university student - Jordan

78 / Dawlat Ahmed Abdullah - Assistant Instructor - Constitutional Law - Faculty of Law - University of Mosul - Iraq.

78/ Ihsan Hashemi - an Iraqi human rights - Canada

79/ Dr. Kamil Alshatri - writer and academic specializing in civil engineering - Netherlands

80/ Seham Fawzi - Political Researcher - Egypt.

81/ Ali Salem al-Fara'a Faws - Radio Aden - a member of the Association of Arab media - Yemen.

82/ Dr. Ghalib Alaani, human rights activist .. Vice President of the Organization for Defending Human Rights sing in the Arab countries - Germany.

83/ Nermin Mufti - the chief editor of newspaper "the castle" - Iraq.

84/ Dr. Sadik Otemish - university professor - Germany.

85/ Engineer Haitham Al-Taan, official court east-west ", and official relations in the Assembly of Iraqi engineers in Germany.

86/ Prof. Abd al-Kadhim Aboodi - specialized in the biophysical and biochemical radioactive - University of Oran - Algeria.

87/ Firas Judy Al-Tamimi, mechanical engineer - Toronto - Canada

88/ Ass. Professor Dr. Falah Mohammed Hafez Saadi - University McMastrd - Canada

89/ Dr Yasser Haider Khalid - Associate Professor and researcher of environmental chemical and oil industries / Canada

90/ Dr. Hasan Halboss - a consultant orthopedic surgery, and is active in the field of human rights - Germany.

91/Abdullah Abdul Latif Abdullah - a lawyer of Cassation - a poet and writer - a member of the Board of Trustees of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights.

92/ Dr. Munther al-Fadl - a member of the Iraqi National Assembly 2005, member of the committee writing Iraq's 2005 constitution, a legal adviser and an academic - Sweden.

93/ Dr. Catherine Michael Geologist, Academic and writer- USA

94/ Teresa Icho Master, architect, and active in the civil rights of nationalities - Denmark

95/ Maher Khother Hidy - agricultural engineer - USA

96/ Laith Al-Hamadani - Newspaper editor-in-chief "Albilad" - Canada

97/ Professor Ahmed Hamid Alwan - architect USA.

98/ Prof. Omar Hassoon Orfanaldin, academic, and environmental researcher USA.

99/ Musa Khamisi - Visual artist and art critic - Italy.

100/ Sadik Alsaigh - Writer and art critic - UK.

101/ Muhammad Ali Mohialddin - Writer - Abu Dhabi - UAE

102/ Nasser Ajmaya Agriculturist, writer - Melbourne - Australia

103/ Dr. Jalal Yousif Elias, MD surgeon - Germany

104/ Prof. Tayseer Abduljabbar Alalousi , Academic, Writer - Netherlands

105/ Dr. Abdelaali Alharraq, Physician,Writer - Italy.

106/ Abdullah Jabbar Maliki - a member of the Executive Office of the General Union of the Southern Oil, the editor of the Voice of the oil workers unions - Basrah - Iraq.

107/ Prof. Kasem Zaki ,Genetic researcher, President, African Crop Science Society; Director of Minia Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Member, the Arab Science Journalists Association,
Faculty of Agriculture, Minia University, El-Minia, Egypt,

108/ Dr. Mubarak Muzahim Malallah Physician, and media informatics - Baghdad

109/ Sabih Alhamdani, architect- Germany.

110/ Tofik mustafa ,Member of Amnesty International in the Netherlands.

111/ Gudridur Sigurbjornsdottir, Librarian, Iceland

112/ Dr. Jamal Murad - Physician , Sydney , Australia.

113/ Anaam R.Muslem , Teacher in Denmark.

114/ Misbah Kamal, Senior Research Consultant, London.

115/ Ahsan Al Maleh, Orthopedic surgeon, Denmark.

116/ Dr. Soad Khairy - writer and political - Sweden.

117/ Ahmad Hasan Belah, Egyptian writer - the United Nations Development Program

118/ Majid Viade - Agricultural Engineering - Department of Animal Production, Activist in the field of students and youth - Germany

119/ Valentina Betun Ba. Science - Chemistry - Melbourne Australia.

120/ Dr.Farman Kadhom Qasim Alfoily - Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering - based in the Russian Federation / Moscow

121/ Abdulaahed Metti Danha - Ph.D. Air chemistry UK.

122/ 116/ Salam Oda, Physics teacher, Sweden.

123/ Widad Fakhir - Ray technology and management of hospital departments, Editor "Alsaymar" newspaper - Austria

124/ Ala Alshadhir - Journalist, specialist "health and science" - "freedom" TV- Baghdad.

125/ Dr. Joseph Behnam , PhD Molecular Genetics London`s University, and General supervisor of the website

126/ Altermitha Salam Ghiadh.

127/ Furat Almohsen - Journalist-Sweden

128/ Kareem Al-Rubaie - Human rights activist - Denmark.

129/ Boshra Al-Taie - agricultural engineer and employee of the Department of Social Affairs in Stockholm

130/ Dr.Karam Alzohairy,Physician, Denmark.

131/ Anita Lilburn -Aktionsgruppen mot radioaktiv krigfцring ( ARK) - Sweden

132/ Dr. Sayyar K. Al-Jamil, Professor of Modern Middle Eastern Studies, Mississauga, Canada.

133/ Eng. Najib Saab, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Al-Bia Wal-Tanmia (Environment & Development) magazine), Beirut, Lebanon.

134/ Talal Al Rubaie, Consultant Psychiatrist, Austria

135/ Jassim Alhalwaai - political activist and writer Denmark.

136/ Dr. Mohammed Abbas Al-Shemari - Physician specialist, teacher in the Faculty of Medicine - University of Qadisiyah - Iraq

137/ Aseel Kamalaldin- Programist- Netherlands.

138 / Dr Emad Al-Hamadani, PhD in Marine Ecology, Manager of an umbrella Refugee Community Organizatios (NGO)

139/ Taleb Hassan - Civil Servant- London.

140/ Riadh Alsaidawy - writer and researcher in political science - Geneva Switzerland.

141/ Saad al-Saidy- maintenance technician of computers & servers- The

142/ Van de Kolk -Congressmember of the Provincial Assemblee of Fryslan
- Netherlands.

143/ Ali Jawad Almosafri - Essen`s Center for Mine risk education (MRE)
- Iraq.

144/ Salwan Ali- Brodcast Director- iraqi live in Syria.

145/ International Federal Folk Solidarity & Cooperation to Asia & Africa
Branch of Republic Chuvasha- Palestine, OSSNAA.

146/ Prof. Nabeel Sh El Rayes, A member of the International Board of the field researcher and vacuum metal poisoning toxins - Gaza Palestine

147/ Haider Al-Asadi - writer and journalist -Iraq

148/ Ahmed Alsalhi Iraqi media Baghdad.

149/ Hassanein Abdalsamad Alhajaj - media and student of engineering .Iraq

150/ Dr. Rafid Alaa Alkhuzaie - Physician consultant-Yarmouk Educational hospital.

151/ Jawad Urebi Al-Saadi - Visual artist - Sweden

152/ Engineer Firas Aldawraqi - from free Arabistan .

153/ Ahmed Mahmoud Shraydeh - media and researcher in environment and sustainable development Jordan.

154/ Falah Hashim - artist and poet Iraq.

155/ / Haider Battat - a journalist and Iraqi media London.

156/ Saleh Al-Hamadi - a poet and writer - United Arab Emirates.

157/ Dr.Maysoon Al-Mawsawi - Writer, media, and active in the field of human rights - Iraq.

158/ Abdulaziz Alehis - writer and a student of Sociology - USA

159/ Hihbah Sadoun Hamid Alzubeidi - a lawyer and activist in the field of human rights in Iraq - Amman / Jordan.

160/ Fadel Abdullatif Almelh - Urban and regional schemes London.

161/ Meis Abdalfattah Alsafi - Electrical engineer Qatar.

162/ Hazim Al Shammar, Chief of Kid & Woman Organizatin- Annumanyah city- Iraq.

163- Engineer Asaad Jassim Obeis- Information Technology - Denmark.

164/ Ibtsam Z. Alshamary-Lawyer, Head of Woman For Common Good To Woman Association(WFW.).Baghdad.

165/ Raed Dhiaa Jaleel, advokat- Gцteborg- Sweden.

166/ Ihab Jaf- Director of Arab-European Center for Human Rights and International Law- Norwage .

167/ Engineer Amer Alzahid - Food technology Netherlands.

168/ Dr.Sahib Alhakim- Rapportuer of Human Rights in Iraq.

169/ Omar Rahal- Human Rights and Democratic Participation Centre-Ramallah- Palestine.

170/ Engineer Hikmet Mirza Hussain -Senior Engineering Consultant in Information Technology and Environmental Aspects / Activist in Civil Society Organizations / Sweden.

171/ Abdulrazzaq Alsafi - lawyer and political activist - UK

172/ Salih Mustafa Klnar - Media and Physics - Baghdad - Iraq.

173/ Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Sattar Qassem Aljomaily - head of the Center for Democracy and Human Rights Studies - Fallujah Iraq.

174/ Ammar Alta'i, Student, Sweden

175/ Ali Ridha Hamid, Auto mechanic, Sweden

176/ Ezzet Istiphan -Civil Engineer-Canada.

177/ Mohammad Saad Nuri, Student, Sweden

178/ Dina Najah Alqaisi, Accountant, Sweden

179/ Manal Abdel Rahim, house wife, Sweden

180/ Chevara Betton, Clerk, Melbourne, Australia

181/ Dr. Jamal Morad, Physician, Australia

182/ Uhood Alkadhi - meadia cordinator , Member in human right organization -Baghdad- Iraq.

183/ Hela Abdalla Hamad, house wife, Sweden.

184/ Oday Niama Hamza Albalahi, Accountant, Sweden.

185/ Doraid Abdallah Abbas, businessman, Sweden.

186 / Dr. Zohair Jameel, consultant in Dentistry, Australia

187/ Haidar Hikmat Rasheed, Businessman, Sweden

188/ Ali Hamid Ridha, Student, Sweden.

189/ Mustapha Saad, Student, Sweden

190/ Hiba Raad Alsamarrai, Student, Sweden

191/ Hashim Alhasani, Agricultural Engineer, The Netherlands

192/ Zainab Saleh Mahdi, house wife, Sweden

193/ Massar Mohsen Rhaima, house wife, Sweden

194/ Wi`am Kassem Khalidi, Human Ressources, Sweden

195/ Sami Jabbar Homadi, Sales manager, Sweden

196/ Bashar Khayoun Hmoud, Student, Sweden

197/ Reem Saad Alakeedi, Student, Sweden

198/ Faisal Fulad-Secretary General Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society (BHRWS) Kingdom of Bahrain.

199/ Wissam Mortadha Alhajjaj, Businessman, Sweden

200/ Saif Wissam Mortadha, Student, Sweden

201/ Prof. Ali Aloqabi, University of Baghdad, Iraq

202/ Riham Mothanna Hamza, Student, Sweden

203/ Sahar Kashif Alghita, Teacher, Australia

204/ Rian Mortadha Alhajjaj, computer programmer, Sweden

205/ Sinan Wissam Mortadha, Student, Sweden

206/ Ahmad Ryadh Nouri, Student, Sweden

207/ Dr. Kamil Al-Adhadh - writer and a regional economic adviser at the United Nations - the international systems of national accounts statistics for development - retired - Iraq / Lebanon.

208/ Dr. Mohammed Abbas Shemari Physican specialist - teacher in the Faculty of Medicine - University of Qadisiyah- Iraq

209/ Ahmed Rahim Abdulhamza- MSc in geochemistry-Iraq.

210/ Dr.Jafar abdulghani- Expert economy -Iraq.

211/ Wijdan Monaem Al-Haider/Teacher-Canada

212/ Salam Kubba- Engineer-Consultant-Canada.

213/ Abdul Athim Alhajaj -Petroleum engineer and IT-specialist.

214/ Ali Rasoul, Photograph, Sweden.

215/ Sara Botrous, Nurse - Melbourne, Australia.

216/ Dr. Zohdi Aldawoodi, Historian and novelist, Germany

217/ Hamid Ridha Hommadi, Barrister, Sweden

218/ Carmen Betton, Psychology student, Melbourne, Australia

219/ Loai Alhamdani, Mechanical Engineer, Sweden.

220/Fadhel Faraj Khalid - retired teacher - Stockholm

221/ Suaad Abdul Nashi - Iraqi accountant - Oman

222/ Yazi Sabah Hilo Al zuheiry - Housewife - Sweden

223/ Artist Abbas Kadhim - Denmark.

224/ Marcel Dankha / political activist - Australia

225/ Samar Salman - Plastic artist / painter - Canada.

226/ Muhammad Ali Hamad Aljobouri - Writer and journalist - UAE.

227/ Jenny Dankha / nurse - Australia.

228/ Thamer Said Sorour Mozan - Student - Sweden.

229/ Zainab Mohammad Redha Al-Khafaji - writer - Iraq.

230/ Milad Laith Alhamadani - Designer - Canada

231/ Zahra Mohammed Fadhil - student - Baghdad.

232/ Rasmi Al-Khafaji - artist - Italy.

233/ Mohammed Fadhil Ni`ama- writer, researcher and academic - Iraq.

234/ Adhim Alsaadi - academic - the auditor - Sweden.

235/ Ali Mahdi - political activist - Iraq.

236/ Nasser Alsimawi - President of Iraqi organization for the Defense of Human Rights - Germany

237/ Abdalhadi Mohammed Ali - Retired teacher - Sweden

238/ Zainab Mohamed Fadhel - student - Baghdad.

239/ Sabah Algezaery - Engineer and writer - Sweden

240/ Dr. Maha Hamid Alsagban - Physician Gynecologist - Jordan.

241/ Faisal Alfoadi - political activist - Baghdad.

242/ Fleyih Ahmad - Retired engineer - Stockholm.

243/ Dr. Yosra Alrawi - Physican - Iraq.

244/ Hadi Aljizani - Officer - Stockholm.

245/ Maha Alkhafaf - Member of the Iraqi Women's Association - Britain - Graduate School of Agriculture - University of Baghdad.

246/ Amira Aljizani - housewife - Stockholm.

247/ Forat Albaghdadi - a trade union - Baghdad

248/ Dr. Rezak Abboud - researcher and writer - Sweden.

249/ Marwan Hasan Alomar - Geologist - Diyala - Iraq.

250/ Adel Amin - Graphics - Stockholm.

251/ Mohsen Aremsh Owaid - chemical - Iraq

252/ Niaz Alhaideri - political activist - Stockholm.

253/ Omar Ali Alaasi - Physics - Iraq.

254/ Manal Abed Alwan Altaie - Civil Engineer - Sweden.

255/ Ahmed Nasser Abboud - Officer - Baghdad

256/ Iraqi Women's Society in Stockholm.

257/ Hamdallah Hussein Habboub - Engineer - Australia.

258/ Fatima Redha Hussein - Teacher of Chemistry - Sweden

259/ Mays Mahdi - chemical - Sweden.

260/ Ibrahim Mohammed Ali Abbas - football coach - Stockholm.

261/ Prof. Omar Hassoon Orfanaldin - Academic and environmental researcher-/ United States.

262/ Faeza Yazi - retired dentist - Sweden.

263/ Behnam Icho Boutros - Mechanical engineer - United States.

264/ Majda Stl Rowe - Retired - Stockholm.

265/ Sahar Abulel -Palestinian writer.

266/ Sana Alsabia - Officer - Stockholm.

267/ Musa Alkhamisi - Visual artist and art critic - Italy.

268/ Naima Nassar - retired teacher - Sweden.

269/ Yousef Alnasser - painter - Britain

270/ Delnaz Abdulwahid - Management and Economics - Sweden.

271/ Salim Abdullah - artist - Paris

271/ Susan Khdhair - working - Stockholm.

273/ Suad Mansour - public accountancy - Stockholm.

274/ Saber Abduljabbar Al-Hamad - Trade unionist - Iraq.

275/ Hadi Alkhuzaie - theater artist and writer - Netherlands.

276/ Intisar Alsabia - retired - Sweden.

277/ Tawfiq Mustafa, Member of Amnesty International in the Netherlands.

278/ Dr. Jalal Yousif Elias - surgeon - Germany

279/ Dr. Saad Alhayali - academic - Germany.

280/ Dr. Nabil Adel Hattab- Pharmacologist- Canada

281/ Muhammad Ali Mohi Aldin - Writer - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates.

282/ Ammar Shekoana - Civil Engineer - Australia

283/ Bidur Zaki Mohammed - Iraqi writer - Britain.

284/ Tha'ir Alwaili Chemist- Australia

285/ Samar Kouyi - Iraqi poet - Netherlands

286/ Farid Hirmuz Anuya / former broadcaster - Australia.

287/ Nasser Ajamaya Writer, Diploma of Agriculture - Melbourne - Australia

288/ Sheh Mal Adil Salim - Writer and plastic - Denmark

289/ Dr. Karam Alzuheiry - Physician - Denmark

290/ Ahmed Hasan Belah - Egyptian writer - the United Nations
Development Program.

291/ Radhi Almetrify - Editor-in-chief the "almustashar" newspaper.

292/ Mahmoud Hazem Rashid - University professor, and activist
organizations of civil society - Germany.

293/ Ali Alzamil - Officer - Denmark.

294/ Hamid Redha Hammadi - lawyer - Sweden

295/ Carmen Beaton Student of Psychology - Melbourne - Australia.

296/ Loay Alhamadani - Mechanical engineer - Sweden

297/ Guevara Beaton - Officer - Melbourne - Australia.

298/ Huda Nouri Jameel - Statistics - Sweden.

299/ Abdolahad Metti Danha - Ph.D. air chemistry - UK.

300/ Rev. John Srgeon - Baghdad.

301/ Uday Niamah Hamzah Albalahi - Accountant - Sweden

302/ Kamil Zomaya- Activist in the field of human rights and Iraqi refugees

303/ Haider Hikmet Rashid - Free Businessman - Sweden

304/ Ali Hamid Redha - Student- Sweden

305/ Mustafa Saad - Student - Sweden

306/ Raid Kadhim Al-Asadi - Faculty of Education- - Qadisiyah University - Iraq.

307/ Ammar Al-Tai - Student - Sweden

308/ Ali Hamid Redha - Car mechanics - Sweden

309/ Mohamed Saad Nuri - Student - Sweden.

310/ Dina Najah Abdoulkarim Alqaisi - Accountant - Sweden

311/ Manal Abdel Rahim - housewife - Sweden

312/ Hiba Raad alsamarrai - Housewife - Sweden

313/ Hashim Alhasani - Agricultural engineer - Netherlands

314/ Zainab Saleh Mahdi - Housewife - Sweden

315/ Mesar Mihsen Rhema - Housewife Sweden

316/ Sami Jabar Hammadi - official sales - Sweden

317/ Bashar Khaioun Hamoud -Student- Sweden

318/ Reem Saad Al-Aqidi - Student - Sweden

319/ Saher Kashifalghata- Teacher- Australia.

320/ Zahra Murtadha - computer programmer Sweden.

321/ Abdulrazzaq al-Ali -Journalist and media researcher - Baghdad - Iraq .

322/ Hana Rostom Salim Al Shammari - educational supervisor / programmist - the President of the Organization of women's human rights
Baghdad / Iraq.

323/ Samir Khafagy - Businessman , a graduate of the University of Technology Department of Industrialists teachers Australia.

324/ Amer Hazem Shammari head of the "Organization of Women and Children" - the city of Numaniya Iraq.

325/ Jassem Al-Asad Obeis Information Technology engineer Denmark.

326/ Women's Society for the benefit of women - Baghdad.

327/ Riyadh al-Jalil Zia - lawyer - Gцtoborg - Sweden.

328/ Amir Zahid - Food Technology engineer Netherlands.

329/ Ahmad Mahboba - Computer Programmist Belgium.

330/ Abdulaziz Tarakji- Director - The Executive of the Palestinian Society for Human Rights (Monitor) - Office of Lebanon.

331/ Dr. Engineer Walid Mohammed Shit Al-Aabdrabah - PhD Environmental Engineering - University of Tikrit, Iraq .

332/ Salama Alsagban - President of the Women's Justice, Member of the administrative board of the group of the most violent of Iraq, the representative of Iraq in the network of non-violence in the Arab States

333/ Nouri al-Ali Writer and informatist - Germany.

334/ Abdulkarim Rihawi - President of the Syrian Association for the Defense of Human Rights - Director of the Arab Organization Penal Reform in Syria- Syria.

335/ Nasser Abboud Alsigar - activist in the human rights in Iraq- Iraq.

336/ Happy Tree Association Foundation - Maysan, Iraq .

337/ Omar Rahal Center Shams Ramallah.

338/ Hassiba Daghir Majid - retired teacher - Stockholm Sweden.

339/ Abdalrazzaq Alsafi - Lawyer and political activist UK.

340/ Mustafa Saleh Klnar - media and Physics- Baghdad - Iraq.

341/ Dr. Abdel Sattar Qassem Mohammed Jumaili - head of the Center for Democracy and Human Rights Studies - Fallujah - Iraq.

342/ Salam Hussein Al-Awadi - Environmental Research Iraq.

343/ Silwan Ali Abbas - Regissцr Syria.

344/ Ahmd Alsalehi - Regissцr Iraq.

345/ Esmaa Muhammad Mustafa - Journalist Iraq.

346/ Imad Hassanein Abdessemed - Engineer Jordan.

347/ Farah Haider - biologist- Syria.

348/ Isra Abdullatif - Officer Iraq.

349/ Jawad Al-Saadi Uraibi - artist Sweden.

350/ Dr. Zainab Ibrahim Alabbosi - Physician Iraq.

351/ Dr. Rita Fransawi - Physician Sweden.

352/ Dr. Faris Hikmet- Physician- Sweden.

353/ Nibras Aldourgui - Engineer Iran.

354/ Yasser Emad Thanon Syria.

355/ Haidar Battat Journalist and media London.

356/ Fatima Aliraqia- media Iraq.

357/ Faten Haidar Hassan - biologist Syria.

358/ Muhammad Jafar - Journalis- USA.

359/ Ihsan Malallah - Engineer - Iraq.

360/ Udat Al-Hajri - Journalist and Regissцr Iraq.

361/ Dhia Kamil - Journalist Iraq.

362/ Sabah Kadhim Mohsin - Journalist Iraq.

363/ Jawad Kadhimm Ismail - Journalist Iraq.

364/ Ramlah Al -Jassim - Plastic artist Netherlands.

365/ Saleh Al-Hamadi - Poet UAE.

366/ Neqaa Jawad al-Abadi- educationalist and activist for women's rights - Iraq.

367/ Vian Sheikh Ali lawyer, President of Tamouz Organization for Social Development - Iraq.

368/ Ahmed Rahim Abdulhamza- MSc in geochemistry- Iraq.

369/ Felah Fadhil Dhia Al-Ansari -educationalist and lawyer- Iraq.

370/ Wijdan Monaem Al-Haider- Teacher-Canada.

371/ Fawaz Tozo - Agricultural engineer and is interested in environmental issues - Germany.

372/ Farouk Tozo - Syrian poet - Syria .

373/ Abdul Athim Alhajaj -Petroleum engineer and IT-specialist.

374/ Murtadha Al-Khafaji - photographer - Sweden.

375/ Salam Al-Zaidi - Bachelor of Science - Computer Teacher Denmark.

376/ Hussein Al-Ibrahimi- Artist and activist in human rights Iraq.

377/ Dr.Wifaq Al-Baghdadi Physician gynecologist - Iraq.

378/ Ibrahim Abdulmelik - Poet and a translator - Sweden.

379/ Adnan Al-Wakil - Head Engineer - Director of the injected water in the Southern Oil Company until 1983.

380/ Bushra Abdul-Amir - Physician- Sweden .

381/ Karim Khalaf Majid - Electrician - Iraq .

382/ Aseel Kamel Shuker Aljoary - Petroleum Engineer - Baghdad - Iraq

383/ Hazem Jabbar Ghali Laweyer- Dhi Qar - Iraq.

384/ Ali Ghaleb Silwan - director of media and radio- Jordan.

385/ Abdalrazzaq Haraj - Writer - Sweden.

386/ Dr. Boshra Al-Ubaydi - Physician - Iraq.

387/ Khaleda Mustafa - Teacher - UK.

388/ Salman Ibrahim - Officer UK.

389/ Adel Habbah - Writer and political activist - UK.

390/ Zuhayr Dujaili - Writer and journalist - USA.

391/ Salam Khalid Al-Hamadani - Officer - Fallujah - Iraq.

392/ Dr. Nasr Hamed Abboud- Biologist - Science researcher and head of laboratories in the biological cycle of water - the Ministry of Science and Technology. Director of the Center for Iraq and to safeguard human rights - Baghdad Iraq.

393/ Habib Naif Lawyer and media - Iraq .

394/ Tahsin Ali Menkhi- Engineer - International Relief Assossiation Iraq.