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John Lennon deserves to have a stamp in his honor.
Having your face put onto an American postage stamp is one of the highest honors you can possibly receive from the United States government, bearing caricatures of nearly every past president, all national landmarks, and the king, Elvis Presley, however, one great has indeed slipped through the cracks: John Lennon.
Why isn't John Lennon on a stamp, I ask myself, and an obvious nationalistic answer immediately comes to mind: "He's not an American!" however, neither is George Washington (First president), or Ponce De Leon (Early explorer of Florida), and their visages have made it onto stamps. John Lennon is best known for his work as a member of "The Beatles" however, he is also memorable due to his activist work against the Vietnam war, creating the Anti-war anthem "Give peace a chance" and was one of the first people who actually encouraged young people to vote starting in 1972, the First year federal elections were open to those between 18 and 21 years old. Lennon attempted to gain U.S. citizenship in the early 70's, however was met with resistance due to a misdemeanor charge, coupled with political pressure from a certain disgraced president, and was ordered deported several times over the 1971-1973 years, however Lennon was able to gain United States citizenship in 1975. At approximately 11 P.M. 12/8/80 John Lennon was shot on his way home by Mark David Chapman, whom, when questioned by a witness as to what he had done, he responded "I just shot John Lennon". Among Lennons greatest accomplishments are his many platinum records with the Beatles, becoming a member of the British royal order, and being inducted into the "Rock and roll hall of fame". John Lennon still remains a hero to people across the globe, for his musical and activist work, and is repeatedly voted in as one of the most inspirational people of the 20th century, although much of the glory DOES come from being assassinated, however, you could easily say the same about John F. Kennedy, John Lennon will always be remembered, whether he has a stamp or not, however, there are few worthier than Mr. Lennon for this honor.