Attention Bob McNair

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    Bob McNair, Owner: Houston Texans
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We, the fans of the Houston Texans, hereby demand that you hear our plea.

For nine years, we've dutifully followed and supported your team. For nine years, we've been patient, loyal and steadfast to your plan to bring winning football to Houston again.

You're a man of imminent patience and resources, and perhaps that's why you've stayed true to the current path as long as you have. But enough is enough.

Gary Kubiak has been given five years to implement his plan, his coaches, his players, his system and even his GM. Rick Smith has been given four drafts, four off-seasons to shape the team through free-agency, his strength coaches, his front office people.

With your resources, with a system that allows rebuilding through the draft and free-agency, and with evidence that other franchises have rebuilt or rebounded in the same timeframe and even less time, it's clear this plan hasn't worked.

Our Texans have become an embarrassment. A national laughingstock. A punchline. This is not what we deserve. And we demand more.

We, the Texans fans demand change. We demand to hear from you. We are your paying customers. We deserve to be heard and respected. Your product has consistently failed us, yet we've consistently supported the product.

The time is now to bring in proven winners. The time is now to make sweeping changes to the direction of this franchise. The time is now to reverse this abysmal course and begin a new era of accountability and performance.

We demand to hear your plan for change. We deserve nothing less. Staying the course is NOT an option.