Fire Richard Smith

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    Bob McNair - Owner, Houston Texans
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    Houston Texans Fans
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Dear Bob McNair & Gary Kubiak,

We, the fans of the Houston Texans, hereby demand that you hold your defensive coordinator accountable for the years of woeful defense effort, scheme and soft attitude by immediately firing Richard Smith. Our defense has been consistently horrible for years under his leadership; this is not new information. The Texans defense is near the worst in the league in pass defense, run defense, turnovers, sacks, and QB pressures. In short, this is embarrassing, and the effort turned in by our defense week in, week out is futile at best. Our team has multiple first round picks, yet continue to regress. That's on the coaching staff!

At 3-7 with 6 games left, show the fans who support this team some respect by holding your team accountable. There's no reason on earth why you need to wait another six weeks. Enough is enough. FIRE RICHARD SMITH!!!!!