Jared's Law

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My son Jared Klein was murdered on Dec. 26th 2005. His life was cut short because he ran to help me from being beaten to death. Jared was tortured and then stabbed in the throat. I am trying to get a law passed that will make these monsters who hurt or abuse children think twice. If you murder a child under the age of 16 you should get the max sentence allowed for that state. If you sexually abuse a child or physically abuse a child you will receive REAL jail time and not a slap on the wrist. And when I say physically abuse a child I dont mean if you smack there butt's I mean beat a child till there bones break, or burn them torture them like so many monsters have done to so many babies around the world. And none of them got a real sentence. Did you know that if you commit a robbery and kill someone during the raid that you are automatically eligible for death row! How come if you spend years torturing and abusing children you are not? Murder during a robbery is not often premeditated, however child abuse is! Yet the sentences are lenient! We only have to look at the cases of memorial pages to see how ridiculous the sentencing for killing your own gran daughter by asphyxiation is! This thing only got FOUR years! Help us make a difference, help us today for the children of our future.......Please sign my petition and help stop this. You can also go to www.jareds-law.com to see other children who have suffered at the hands of so called adults.