Recall Jeb Bush - Governor of Florida

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Jeb Bush - Failure as Governor

Jeb Bush has failed at his job. The state had a huge surplus from Lawton Chiles when Bush took over. He squandered that with tax-cuts to the wealthy. He has misled the public about the severity of the state budget caused by his $6.6 Billion tax cuts that benefited corporations who own him body & soul. Florida can't afford another three years of Jeb Bush.

Jeb Bush - Cooking the Books to Get Re-Elected

During the last campaign, Jeb Bush knew full well that legitimate voters had been who had illegally purged by him and his Secretary of State, Katherine Harris in 2000 were still off the voter rolls in 2002. Despite promises to restore the voting rights of "those people", the only solution offered by Governor Bush has been a complicated process of re-applying to regain the voting rights that should have never been removed. As it now stands some of them may be back on the rolls in time to vote on unreliable touch screen voting equipment in 2004 where once again their vote can be deleted more easily than ever before. This seems to be #1 in Jeb's devious (racist) plans. (Most of the people who have been purged are Black). Jeb tried to distance himself from all questions about the fraud & purge , saying he had no "direct responsibility" for state elections.

Jeb Bush - Devious Plans for Florida are abusing Florida's children, the elderly & the helpless.

IT TOOK 15 months for Floridas Department of Children and Families (DCF) to discover that 5-year-old Rilya Wilson was missing from her foster home. It took minutes for Gov. Jeb Bush to blame DCF workers. He has turned crucial state services--from education to adoption--over to be administered by private companies and like his brother did as governor of Texas, Jeb wants to shift the job of providing for the poor to faith-based organizations. He made huge cuts to needed spending programs for everything from education to Medicare, the health care program for the elderly and disabled.

A prime example is illustrated in this letter to the St. Pete Times on 04/15/2003 : "I am just one of the 26,000 who received the letter from the Department of Children and Families last week, informing us that Gov. Jeb Bush and our elected public servants have given me until May 1 to continue my chemo. Then I must prepare to die in half the time I would live with chemo."

Jeb Bushs scheme comes down to four words: Make the poor pay.

Jeb Bush- Deserves to be Recalled

Sen. Kendrick Meek called Bush's proposal to kill the classroom size amendment & threats of more cuts to much needed social services "a premeditated abuse of the highest office in Florida to circumvent the will of the people.''

Our governor has gone from doublespeak to outright lies in his descent from Orwellian to Nixonian tactics," Meek said. "We are finally seeing the real Jeb Bush that has lurked behind closed doors," Bob Poe, Florida Democratic Chair said. "Jeb Bush puts on a happy face in public, but when he gets behind closed doors, he reveals his true mean-spirited and deceptive tactics."

That is why a group of concerned citizens and taxpayers joined forces to call for the question - Should Jeb Bush be removed from office?

We think the answer is a resounding YES. Since Jeb Bush arrived in Florida he has been involved in shady business dealings which included in stiffing the citizens of Florida for over $4 Million in Broward Savings & Loan fiasco and business partners who were later convicted of HUD & Medicare fraud. Jeb Bush has freeloaded off the citizens of Florida for too many years and his job as governor borders on criminal as he has used the power of the state government itself against the citizens of Florida.

Please help to Rescue Florida from the grips of a self-serving governor.