Killzone 2 - Two Player Split-Screen Multiplayer + Bots

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    Guerrilla Games and Sony
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    The Killzone Community
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We, the proud owners and fans of the original Killzone and Killzone Liberation are asking Guerrilla Games and Sony for the inclusion of two player split-screen for offline local/online play and Bots in multiplayer for Killzone 2. As stated in this preview, by IGN from E3 2008, in the fourth paragraph, it says there will be no split-screen in the game.

We are making this petition in hopes that Guerrilla Games and Sony highly reconsider this and include two player split-screen and Bots in multiplayer before the game is done in February 2009, since the original Killzone included both of these great features. These features are what made the original Killzone fun to play and brought more variety to the experience of multiplayer. There are some people out there who dont have an Internet connection at all due to their location or financial circumstances that love the series but cannot enjoy the online multiplayer portion of it. This is where these two features come in handy, since they can play with their friends offline locally against each other or against Bots.

Here is a rundown of the basic variations of these features we want:


Two player split-screen for offline local play

Bots to play against offline locally by yourself or in split-screen

If Possible but Not Definite:

Two player split-screen online play with a guest profile/account

Play against Bots online mixed with real players

Two player split-screen offline local co-op in single-player campaign

The last three variations can be included in an update or via download content if the groundwork is in place for them before the game ships, therefore they dont have to be finished before the game is out.

We, the fans, hope you will please consider our request and we look forward to hearing from you in the future. Thank You.