Please Make Pop Tarts Kosher

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We, the undersigned, are consumers of kosher products. We have long enjoyed many of the excellent products produced by Kelloggs and we appreciate Kelloggs efforts in making its products available to the kosher market by obtaining reliable kosher supervision. Over the years, the number of kosher-certified Kelloggs products has increased. For example, a few years ago, we enthusiastically welcomed the news when Eggo Waffles received kosher certification.

We respectfully request that Kelloggs consider making its unfrosted Pop Tarts kosher. We understand that Pop Tarts are a truly excellent product and we wish that we were able to purchase and enjoy them. Based on the listed ingredients, it would seem that the frosted flavors present a problem ingredient (gelatin) from a kosher standpoint. However, the unfrosted flavors, from what we can tell, do not present such an issue.

Therefore, we would urge you to consult with the agencies that currently provide kosher certification to your products (such as the Orthodox Union (OU)), to explore the feasibility of making unfrosted Pop Tarts kosher. Thank you very much for considering our petition.