Bmx Bicycle Usage of Griffith Park land.

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    Bicycle enthusiats and concerned citizens
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This is an online petition in support of the continued Bmx Bicycle enthusiast use of Los Angeles Park & Rec land in Griffith Park, located in Los Angeles, Ca.

The location in question is an otherwise un-usable plot of land, located between Forest Lawn Drive, and the Los Angeles river. The location is near to the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Griffith Park. The land has been in use harmoniously, respectfully, and safely, by Bmx bicycle enthusiasts for a number of years.

In all this time the local citizens who partake in the use of the sight, have maintained, cleaned, and used the land with the utmost respect for the location. Trash cans, trash bags, and maintenance tools have all been furnished by the citizens using the land as a whole. Trash removal is carried out on a routine basis, by the citizens using the land.

We, a group of local tax payers in Los Angeles, feel that we have been the most respectful of users of this property that we can be. With the full backing of the Parks and Rec, as well as the city of Los Angeles, the concerned users of the land (local tax payers) would continue to preform trash removal, and any other required maintenance, at no cost to the city, Parks & Rec, or other related departments.

We just want a place to ride our bicycles, which is an extremely healthy hobby and excellent use of otherwise useless park space, by tax payers.

Removal of the bicycle enthusiasts from this property would most certainly result in the land being used as a illegal dump sight for garbage. This is what the property was used for in the past, and due to it's secluded location and proximity to Forest Lawn Drive, it will surely be used for illegal waste disposal again.

Los Angeles Parks & Rec needs to decide, weather they want citizens to use this property for a healthy sport related activity, or an illegal trash dump. There is no other use for this property.

If you support the continued use of this sight by Bmx bicycle enthusiast, please sign this survey.

Thank you,

A concerned citizen.