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This is an open plea to Vibram FiveFingers that their Trek model be available to *everyone*, regardless of gender, slightness of foot, or market indicators. We acknowledge that above all Vibram is a business and they have a bottom line, so we also endeavor to prove through this petition that the market DOES in fact exist for a girl-foot friendly Trek. Women (plus men with laughably small feet) not only enjoy yoga, pilates, double dutch, tip toeing through the daisies, and playing footsie with each other, but that chicks (and dudes with dainty dogs) also enjoy the sensation of minimal footwear whilst "Light Trekking, Trail Running, Fitness Walking, & Travel." If Vibram acknowledges that women can do those things as well as men can, then they should make a minimalist shoe that enables them to do it! Otherwise, how can they?

C'mon Vibram, it shouldn't just be the boys (or girls lucky enough to have man-feet) who get to enjoy "outstanding breathability, a 4mm EVA midsole that offers plating protection from stone bruising, and a lightly cleated 4mm Vibram performance rubber outsole that delivers improved traction on trails and over more rugged terrain." Girls (and boys with a mean case of foot inadequacy) want that stuff too! If Vibram is just worried that gals (and guys with geisha feet) everywhere will cinch on their new Lady Treks, merrily skip out to the nearest hiking trail, and skin their tender knees, we are here to tell them that women (and men with small tootsies) should be entitled to do that if they so desire!

Sign up now and maybe the next thing Vibram hears *won't* be the sound of a million bare feet marching to a different shoe store. Let's show Vibram that sugar and spice and everything nice aren't all that little girls are made of! (They're also made of money and they love to buy shoes!)

Thanks for your support (and not your "arch support" :-)