Keep our streets safer by opening a track on Long island

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ILLEGAL street racing is VERY dangerous, and the number of fatalities has drastically increased. The time has come for us to unite as a community and to create safer areas where we can do what we love doing best. Regardless of where we do it, we will race, so why not do it safely at a racetrack where the proper supervision will be provided. Numerous accidents will be prevented because true enthusiasts would rather race at a track where their cars will be safe, rather than on streets and highways, where they risk their cars, themselves and numerous other innocent individuals. Make the right decision and build a racetrack where local New Yorkers can test their skills and their cars SAFELY. Please enter your hometown so an analysis can be made. The final report will show your entry number, full name, hometown and state. Unlike e-mail based petitions, that become bogus due to multiple re-signings, this server-based one is for real. Be sure to fill-in all the spaces and sign your full legal name! After you sign, please ask everyone in your household to sign. Then forward this link to everyone you know, and ask them to do the same!