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This is a petition to save the show Life by sending it to the USA network. It is still unkown whether or not it is officially cancelled, but there has been a lot of talk, especially coming from NBC, that it will most likely not come back in the new season, especially with Jay Leno's new show taking up so much of your primetime hours. But still, Life is an amazing show that has a lot of potential. This is an interesting and compelling show, that always always draws its viewers to keep watching to the very last minute to see what would happen next. So if you are not going to bring it back next season the next best thing you could do is still give it a chance by sending it to the USA network.

Life would be right at home on the USA network. It's home to other crime-solving dramas with interesting lead characters such as Burn Notice, Monk, Psych, and L&O: Criminal Intent. Its a network that you work closesly with that prides itself with its slogan "Characters Welcome" and if you have seen this show you know it has a lot of character. Look what it has done for L&O: Criminal Intent, it was originally on NBC only but couldn't find its place on NBC despite what a great response it gets. It was later moved to USA and now its one if its highest rated shows and it was saved. You can do the same thing with Life.

So please, do not let a show with so much potential, great characters, and mind-blowing storylines end before its prime. With its last seasons ending we can tell that the writers can com up with a whole lot more for Charlie Crews and Danny Reese. If you put Life on USA, you will not be sorry.