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Hate radio host Rush Limbaugh recently cast a fight between three Belleville, IL schoolchildren where the two attackers were black and the victim was white, as what happens to white kids in Obamas America.

Even though police said the bus fight was not racially motivated, Limbaugh insisted, We need segregated buses. On Saturday, members of white supremacist groups marched in Belleville holding signs echoing Limbaughs rhetoric that said, It was a hate crime:

While a police sniper watched from the roof of the police station, 22 members of white supremacist groups, shouted obscenities and made obscene hand gestures. One man, who had a crew cut and wore a black uniform, told the crowd of onlookers, Wake up white America!

We were out there to denounce the violence, said Belleville resident Jason Bonn, who is a corporal with the National Socialist Movement, a group with a name similar to the Nazi Party of Germany during World War II. Bonns group is fighting for white civil rights.

Hate crimes happen every day to people of many races and backgrounds and you don't see Rush Limbaugh rushing to their defense or organizing rallys to stand up for them. Segregated buses?? He is the racist and his behavior is unacceptable and irresponsible.

Tell Rush Limbaugh's advertisers that you will not stand behind this if they continue to support him and tell Premier Radio Networks you want him fired for such irresponsible broadcasting. They can be called at 818.377.5300 and their Director of Programming is Eric Stanger. I cannot find an email address, but here he is on LinkedIn: