Protesting Columbia University's Decision to Invite Ahmadinejad

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We the undersigned are calling for professors and students of Columbia University to protest Columbia's invitation of Iranian tyrant and international Holocaust denier Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by boycotting Columbia University for the Week of September 24-October 1st.

Universities are entrusted by their faculty, students, and the communities that fund their existence, with the responsibility to safeguard Truth and teach the next generation to pursue truth and the betterment of humankind.

By choosing to invite a proud Holocaust denier, Columbia has thereby chosen to expend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the security and arrangements to provide a stage for the would-be perpetrator of a nuclear Holocaust.

This money spent indirectly on spreading Holocaust denial will thereby be diverted from those programs and activities the University is entrusted to perform: in place of one evening of Ahmadinejad, Columbia would be able to afford a minimum of four full scholarships for the same year, or three teaching positions that would fulfill the University's commitment to the public.

By making this decision, therefore, the current officers of Columbia University are in breach of their responsibility to uphold the trust of Columbia stakeholders, as well as the broader public of the United States of America which provides the University with tax-exemptions to pursue Truth.

In protest, in order to not aid Columbia with goods or services as it broadcasts Ahmadinejad's hate-filled voice to the world, the undersigned commit to withdrawing their participation in Columbia University activities for the week of September 24-October 1st.