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The League of the South is considering petitioning Congress to conduct a thorough, non-partisan study examining the long neglected injustices arising from the war crimes committed across the South from 1861-1865 in violation of the U. S. Constitution, the Law of Nations, and U. S. Executive Order Number 100, whereby the private property of non-combatants was ravaged, burned, stolen, and destroyed as a deliberate policy of an unconstitutional war of invasion, conquest, and occupation.

Tens of thousands of individuals in the South are now signing petitions asking The League of the South to represent them as a class by exercising the peoples right of petition or by a suit at law for damages. We anticipate that a thorough and impartial Congressional investigation will reveal the necessity for a long overdue compensatory program of justice for people of all races in the South who were subjected to treatment during and after the War Between the States that resulted in little less than the barbaric dispossession and destruction of the Southern people and their way of life.

No reparations, no indemnification, and no Marshall Plan has ever been conceived or enacted by the United States Government. The United States Government now claims to be the moral monitor for the entire world; however, it cannot justify this position without first cleansing its own shield of the shame of war crimes and acts of vengeance against Southern Americans in action perhaps best described by General William Tecumseh Sherman, who said: . . . about 20\% of our effort [in Georgia and South Carolina] was against military objectives. The rest [80\%] was sheer waste and destruction. Sadly, such unconscionable depredations were all too common across the South during both the war and Reconstruction.

The League of the South plans to seek reparations from the United States Government for all Southerners and their families who suffered atrocities during the war and the years of military occupation that followed. If you agree with us or would like to participate in these actions, please sign our petition.