Release Logan's Run: The Series on DVD

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    Turner Inc. / Time Warner
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Logan's Run: The Television Series
Seldom seen since it's initial run on CBS in 1977 (aside form the 1990-1992 screenings on TNT) this classic science fiction series deserves to stand along other classic television programs released recently on commercial DVD.

The series, which ran for only 14 episodes, followed the exploits of Logan, Jessica, and Rem as they were constantly pursued by futuristic policemen from the 'City of Domes'. Logan, a former policeman or 'Sandman', ended up fleeing from the oppressive youthful society where the citizens are put to death at 30. With him are Jessica a 'runner' and Rem, an android, who they meet along the way. Chased by his former 'Sandman' partner the trio explored a different culture each week.

Other 1970's science fictions series, even short lived ones, have recently seen successful release on DVD. Gerry Anderson's UFO, Planet of the Apes, The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, and Captain Scarlet have all enjoyed strong retail sales. With an upcoming remake of the classic 1976 movie in the works now is the perfect time to release this series.

We, the undersigned, request that Turner Inc / Time Warner release the classic 1970's television series Logan's Run on DVD.