Stop the MADDness on Guiding Light!!

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    CBS, Viacom, Televest, TPTB
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    Longtime, devoted, GL Fans!!!
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We, the undersigned, are long time viewers of the CBS daytime drama, "Guiding Light".

The fans of Guiding Light are concerned that The Powers That Be (TPTB), are not doing all they can to save our show from cancellation by providing story lines that will keep viewer interest and draw in new viewers.

Under the watchful eye of Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin (MADD) Guiding Light has dropped in the ratings and is now always under a cancellation cloud.

Under MADD's regime, GL has made some serious casting decisions that have negatively effected the show. They include:

- Killing off Bauer family Patriarch Maureen Bauer (Ellen Parker) who went on to win an Emmy for her work AFTER SHE WAS FIRED FROM THE SHOW.

- Firing long time star (and Emmy winner) Michael Zaslow when he became ill. Zaslow died from Lou Gehrig's disease in 1998.

- Firing Fiona Hutchison for standing up for her co-star (Zaslow) when GL fired him.

- For making a beloved character like Ben Reade into a serial killer that killed himself on-screen.

And finally, for firing Emmy nominated actor Grant Aleksander for "story line reasons" after making his character, one we have all grown up with, so unlikeable that they think fans won't care if he goes (you are very, very wrong).

We would like to see the longest running show in television history get a new "vision" and a chance to shine on for many years to come. Please replace the MADDness that we have come to loathe with someone who has the best interest of the show, and their fans, at heart. Replace MADD with someone with vision, integrity, and heart who will carry the proud tradition at GL for many years to come.

Keep the Light Shining!
Devoted Guiding Light Fans