Make Wil Wheaton a "Hero"

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    NBC Television
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Dear Tim Kring, Jim Chory, Jason LaPadura, Natalie Hart, Jeph Loeb, Allan Arkush, David Semel, Dennis Hammer, Greg Beeman, Jesse Alexander, Michael Green, and all the executives at NBC,

We, the Nerds, Geeks, Fanboys, Fangirls, Oddballs, Brainiacs, Loners, Nonconformists, Bookworms, Weirdoes, Dreamers, Anoraks, Mavericks, Trekkers, Gamers, Boffins, Dorks, Dungeon Masters, & readers of BBT Magazine, who comprise the better part of the viewing audience of your series Heroes, want to see actor and author Wil Wheaton cast in a reoccurring role.

Your show will benefit from having an actor of his caliber and notoriety, your studio will benefit by expanding your already nerd friendly market to include the millions of fans of Wil Wheatons work, and we the fans will benefit by having our own geek-flag waving superstar appear on a weekly basis.

Please remember another petition written by Bjo Trimble, and its importance to fandom & television history. This is your chance to make Heroes more than just a great show - its your chance to make it a part of television history too.

Give us Wil Wheaton, and we will give you time, attention, and money.
(And we will not unwrap the action figures - they will be worth money someday.)