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    US CONGRESS, The U Judicial Committee and The Govenor of The State of Kentucky
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    Family & Friends of Madison Ann Cundiff
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We, The lawful citizens of. These United States of America, do hereby sign freely and without pressure by any individual, this petition to ask our US Congress, The US Judicial Committee and The Govenor of the State of Kentucky, along with other lawmakers whom this may pertain, to assist the Cundiff Family in their pursuit of justice in the death of Madison Ann Cundiff. This child died in May of 2004 in Lexington, Kentucky and Sarah Elizabeth Taylor was charged with Murder in the same year. It will now be three years in May 2007 without a trial, while the accused is allowed to remain free on a mere $50,000.00 cash bond. We ask that you as our Protectors, Lawmakers and as described by your job duties to hold office, that this death and the justice of, along with others, be investigated to bring closure to this family and others where the JUSTICE SYSTEM HAS GREATLY FAILED. It is definetly past time, that the lives of the victims and their families are as important, if not more, than the lives of the perpetrators.