Slaughter in Mamak, Turkey

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    R.Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish Prime Minister
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    SVA (Shelter Volunteers Association), HAYTAP , DOHAYKO
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We were informed that hundreds of stray dogs dumped by the municipalities were found in the Mamak municipal waste disposal site in Ankara. Some of the dogs were already killed before dumping; puppies were put into sacs and died choking, while some dogs were tied by the legs and raped till they died. The photos of this cruelty are attached.

Act no 5199 is completely ignored both by the municipalities in Ankara and by the Ministry of Interior responsible for inspecting the municipalities.

Everyday, from all over the country, we hear about municipalities mass killing dogs. The petitions regarding the issue are not handled seriously by the authorities, no relevant reply is given and no solution is proposed. The municipalities insist on ignoring the Act no 5199 and its binding duties, and continue the slaughter. The Ministry of Interior responsible for inspection and administration of the issue neglects its duties as well.

We will send these inhumane photos to the EU Member States, and tell them that the non-ethical mass killing of stray animals by municipalities continue increasingly, even after the signing of the Animal Protection Act no 5199.

We kindly ask you to take action in The Grand National Assembly of Turkey for providing the implementation of Act no 5199, and expect you to call Abdulkadir Aksu the Minister of Interior on duty.