Masterfoods use of rennet derived from an animal source

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To Masterfoods

(A division of Mars UK Ltd)
Freeby Lane
Melton Mowbray
LE14 4RS

Dear Masterfoods

First of all thank you for your letter concerning the status of your products with regards to products that are suitable for Vegetarians. However we are most disappointed to learn that the majority of your products may now either contain whey derived from animal rennet or be unsuitable for Vegetarians (even though most people would argue they are the same). This makes the product unsuitable for Muslims, Vegetarians, Jews as well as certain sects of other religions.

There are at least 1.6 million Muslims in the UK and at least 2 million Vegetarians in the UK if not significantly more (estimated to be circa 2 millions Muslims and circa 3 million Vegetarians). These groups together form a sizeable segment of the UK market.

We therefore ask and request that Masterfoods change the ingredients of their products, specifically using rennet NOT derived from animal products so that the whey they use, and in turn the various products from Masterfoods are able to bear a Vegetarian symbol.

Thanks you.

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