A Request for the Translation of Rockman Manga to MegaMan in Unedited Form.

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    All Those Involved in the Publication of New Titles at Viz Communications, Inc.
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    The MegaMan/Rockman Fan Community
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To whom it may concern:

We, the fans of Rockman and MegaMan, enjoy the games, characters, and other aspects of the license of Capcom. One thing that we have all wanted, but have not been able to get, are fully translated copies of the manga which are sold in Japan. Only a handful of us are able to obtain these works, and fewer are able to read them.

Viz has an excellent reputation for translating some of the best manga written, including, but not limited to: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Gundam, Gundam Wing, No Need For Tenchi, Ranma 1/2, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. We feel that MegaMan would be in good company with these other titles.

MegaMan has an appeal to all ages, from younger gamers who are introduced to MegaMan through games such as MegaMan Legends and MegaMan Battle Network, to older gamers who have been with it since MegaMan X and even the original MegaMan. As such, we beleive that a manga release by Viz should follow the format utilized in your Dragon Ball mangas, that being of a 13 and Up notice on the covers of any MegaMan manga that may merit them.

Many of us are purists when it comes to manga, anime, and the like. It is with this in mind that we ask that a MegaMan manga be published in its original, unflipped format. In addition to this, we would also appreciate it if the product were to be unedited, so as not to dumb down the product for us. Despite Capcom's recent commercial for MegaMan games, we are not all mere children, and we hope not to be treated as such.

While we would rather have a 100\% accurate translation, we would understand the inevitable circumstances behind certain changes, specifically the name changes of Rockman to MegaMan, or Forte to Bass, as that is how these characters have been known and marketed here in North America. It is only natural for the manga to follow in the same manner.

Bom Bom Comics has published many different Rockman manga by several different artists, such as Yoshihiro Iwamoto, Shigeto Ikehara, and perhaps the most popular, Hitoshi Ariga, among others. As a result, should the MegaMan manga sell well in North America, there will be plenty of source material from which to draw.

One possibility would be to introduce the series using Ariga's work, as his tends to stand alone when compared to the others. It would actually be a good way to test market the product. Another is to use the recent manga based on the new game, Battle Network MegaMan, a new series that is following in the footsteps of Pokemon, as a starting point to test market. In Japan, Battle Network already has a trading card game in addition to the video game on Game Boy Advance, and could lead to the next big thing among Pokemon and Digimon.

If you are still undecided, after much debate, whether or not you should pursue obtaining a license to publish MegaMan manga, we suggest that you place a poll in upcoming issues of your publications, letting the fans and customers speak out. Placing this poll on your web site would also be advisable, to get the most responses possible.

In summary, we, the fans of MegaMan, several of which are your customers, have waited a long time for this. With MegaMan X5 recently reaching the #1 spot on top selling video games, and MegaMan X6 on the horizon, as well as a new series, Battle Network MegaMan, we feel now is the time to do this. We hope that you consider our ideas, and we wish you luck in whatever path you choose.