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We, the undersigned, hereby declare a boycott against all Menu Foods products.

We understand the company erred unintentionally by selling contaminated food for dogs and cats. However, we find it cruel that the company tested its product by feeding the food to additional cats and dogs, which, as of Tuesday, March 20, 2007, resulted in the death of at least 10 animals.

This, according to a March 20, 2007 article on

"Monday, the Food and Drug Administration said it believes that the wheat gluten used in the pet foods may have somehow become contaminated with mold or another toxin. The ingredient was used in plants in Kansas City and New Jersey.

When the manufacturer tested the food from these plants on between 40 and 50 animals, 10 died."

We believe it was a cruel and poor decision to "fix" this problem by intentionally feeding this contaminated food to additional animals. We believe Menu Foods should have considered other options and, under no circumstances, should have concluded the appropriate action would be to feed the contaminated food to additional animals.

As a direct result of their actions, and because of the unnecessary cruelty, suffering and death they imposed on these animals, we hereby boycott any and all Menu Foods products.