Persuade to add the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer

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The website is a detailed colelction of information about videogames, from the dawn of home consoles and computers right up to the present day. Users can contribute information for games, such as publication details, descriptions, reviews, tips and cheats, technical specs, developer information and more.

Currently 36 systems are featured on the site, ranging from DOS, Windows and self-booting PC games, to Amiga, St, SNES, Genesis, Atari VCS, X-Box and Playstation 1 & 2, but there is one major system misisng - The SInclair Spectrum.

When launched in 1982 the system revolutionised home computing, and became the world's biggest selling machine, outperforming the Commodore 64 in most of the world (only the sheer size of marketing required to crack the US prevented it from doing so).

Around 10,000 games were developed for the system, including the original versions of classics such as Football Manager, Manic Miner, the Monty Mole series, Ultimate Play the Game's classics, Dizzy, Lords of Midnight, Way of the Exploding Fist and tonnes more. Hundreds of Spectrum games are already on teh site on other formats, and can be easily added for the Spectrum.

I have emailled mobygames several times asking them to add the system. Twice they have asked me for the full technical specifications - in each case I supplied these with 3 days, and heard nothing back. Since then two new systems have been added - the 3D0 and the Vectrex, neither of which are of much significance (indeed, only 9 Vectrex games have been added). I think this is ridiculous, and that the system should be added post haste.