Bring back the development of Disney's Mort

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    Walt Disney Feature Animation and Terry Pratchett
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When it comes to books there can be many different types of books. And now and then they get adapted into movies, either live-action or fully animated. Disney is no stranger to this. They have made animated films that are based on stories. A very interesting note of what they were planning to adapt is a story called Mort. Which is part of a series called Discworld. It was said that it was being planned out as a 2D hand-drawn animated film from Disney. And it was supposed to be directed by Ron Clements and John Musker. Who are known for directing The Great Mouse Detective, The Little mermaid, Aladdin, and Princess and the frog. The only reason why this was canceled is because Disney couldnt afford the rights to adapt Mort.

Now we would like to see this movie back into development. We ask that the story of Mort shouldnt be toned down for children, no musical numbers, keep it in its original form of story. And get actual voice actors from the animation industry over bigshot movie stars. Because there isnt enough animated films that have actual voice actors who have been in the animation industry that are familiar with voice acting. Examples being like Rob Paulsen and Tara Strong. We would like to see the 2D hand-drawn animated film of Discworlds mort back in development. Discworld has a lot of fans, and if you pull this off correctly it would make a great-animated film. But if you mess it up, it would be just like the Black cauldron. So, please bring back the development of the hand-drawn animated feature of Discworlds mort. Disney, please work something out with Discworld author Terry Pratchett to make sure that this makes a very good adaptation based on one of his books.