Impeachment of President Obama

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This is a petition that will be submitted to Congress to start the impeachment process for acting president, Barrack Hussein Obama. Due to severe violations of the public interest and of circumvention of the separation of powers by the president in the unprecedented appointment of czars and his roles in the financial intimidation in banking, manufacturing, state rights, and the subversion of the Census process by politically motivated groups, this person has proved more than once that he has betrayed the laws of United States and has violated the trust of the American People.

We, the American People seek full disclosure on the activities of this president, and on his behalf by the groups he has given authority to. We, as legal and law abiding citizens of the United States, are moving forward to start the process of impeachment against Barrack Hussein Obama.

Also, the president has abused his executive privileges by appointing aides into key positions, for which most of those aides have clear conflicts of interest. He has introduced laws that would have given unions, and politically biased organizations including ACORN and its many hidden tentacles, millions of dollars of taxpayer funds.

It is obvious that Obama has used his powers not to benefit the American People, but to enhance political, financial and hidden entities gain. The president has failed to address these issues and has illegally blocked public discourse by manipulation of the media, and unwarranted directives to protect czar activities from congressional investigation and review, so given his stance, we are moving to have him removed from the Office of President of the United States. This petition does not detail his attempts to violate personal freedom and the US Constitution, and the will of the American people, but it is the opinion of the author that these issues need to be addressed as well.