NCAA D-III Proposal

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We the undersigned protest the decision by the NCAA Division III President's Council to approve a proposal that would eliminate the ability for Division III schools that "play up" in one sport to award scholarships.

Specifically, we oppose the negative impact that this proposal will have on Colorado College, St. Lawrence, Clarkson, and Rensselaers storied hockey programs.

Ratification of this proposal would prevent these schools from competing on the same level with other Division I schools, as they would be prevented from attracting highly talented players to their teams with the offer of scholarship money. With other Division I teams allowed to use scholarships as an enticement, players would be more inclined to choose a school to play for that would pay their tuition over a school that would not.

Division III schools that play up in one sport to Division I already face a host of restrictions from Division I membership, and do not need more restrictions piled on them.

As such, we strongly urge the NCAA Division III membership to refuse to ratify this part of the proposal at their convention in January or amend the proposal to exclude the section relating to the awarding of scholarships.