NFA Ban Repeal

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To: US Congress

I have done extensive research into the National Firearms Act of 1934. My results indicate that it has no use except, to keep law abiding citizens from owning automatic weapons and short barreled weapons. This is acomplished by requiring payment of a high user tax and complicated application forms.

The liberals in Congress are of the assumption that the machinegun ban of 1986 will lessen crime. It is their opinion that criminals will not be able to obtain fully automatic weapons. This view has been proven to be incorrect several times. 99.99\% of all automatic weapons used in crime are converted illegally. The N.F.A. of 1934 made the manufacture of a machinegun illegal, without prior approval of the ATF and payment of the use tax.

The machinegun ban of 1986 made it illegal for the ATF to collect the tax on the production of a new machinegun for private use. This eliminated any new (legal) machineguns from entering into the market. This law had 2 effects:

1. It hurt the law abiding citizen by driving up the price of legal machineguns

2. It created a hugh market for the illegal machineguns that criminals prefer to use.

Based on the above results, the honest citizens of this country would be safer if all restrictions on firearms ownership were removed