The Fans Need to Take the NFL Back. Impeach Roger Goodell.

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This is a petition to impeach the commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell.

He is single handedly RUINING the game of football.
The reason these guys get paid so much is because of the risk they are taking of being hurt out on the field. He is handing out UNNECESSARY fines and causing players to fear that making a TEXTBOOK tackle on a quarterback will get them fined and/or suspended. This guy is just unfair.

He fined James Harrison $75K for making a split second tackle where he had NO time to react to where the receivers head was.
A few weeks later Richard Seymour PUNCHES Ben Roethlisberger in the face after he threw a touchdown and gets only a $25K fine? REALLY? This guy should be out for at least 2 games.

I am asking everyone, who is a TRUE fan of the NFL to help me take back the game that is rightfully ours to enjoy. It doesn't matter what team is your team, we all need to stand up to this chump of a commissioner.

Roger Goodell, you're going down.

A Die Hard NFL Fan That Happens To Bleed Black and Gold.