NFL Preseason Ticket Prices

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    Paul Tagliabue, NFL Commissioner
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The NFL is taking advantage of its loyal fans, by charging full price for tickets to preseason games. In most cases the starters only play for the first few possessions, before the back-ups take to the field for the remainder of the game. Ticket holders are forced to pay full price to watch players that have a slim chance of even making the team. Fans have complained about it for years in my town (Kansas City), but the team just responds that pricing of preseason games is league policy.

Most fans are more than willing to pay the even higher prices demanded for playoff tickets, so why arent the preseason tickets discounted? The play on the field is not at a high level in the preseason, so why should fans have to pay a premium price? If they are unwilling to lower the price, then fans shouldnt be required to buy preseason tickets, as part of their season ticket package.

Please sign this petition to let the National Football League know that their fans are tired of being ripped off, by being forced to pay full price for tickets to preseason games.