Nissan Maxima 00-03 Ignition Coil Recall

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I am a 2000-2003 Nissan Maxima owner and have had the ignition coils repaired/replaced with relatively low mileage on my vehicle. I feel that this repair should be covered by Nissan in the form of a Manufacturers recall due to the fact that many other Maxima owners have experienced the same problems and that there is evidence that the original ignition coils are defective.

I have heard direct testimony from Nissan Service Advisors (or from other Maxima owners who have spoken with Service Advisors):

1) This issue is very common with Maximas and they perform many ignition coil repair/replacements.

2) Service Advisors have suggested to replace all the coils even if only one of them is malfunctioning because they say, "the coils are defective and will all fail eventually". (Names of Service Advisors can be supplied if requested)


I understand that Nissan has since issued a new part and part number for all ignition coil replacements, which suggests that the original coils are, in fact, defective.

To maintain brand integrity and loyalty, I respectfully submit my complaint and request for a Manufacturer's Recall.