New Jersey Devils Goal Song

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This petition is to change the current New Jersey Devils celebratory goal song "Song #2, Blur!" back to the usual "Rock and Roll Part II, Gary Glitter."

The Devils fans that sign this petition do not consent to the actions of Gary Glitter; however, they do not feel that using this song is condoning in any way what he did.

"Rock and Roll Part II" has been the celebratory goal song for almost all the years I have been a Devils fan. It has a rhythm that is perfect for clapping hands and yelling "HEY!" while pumping a triumphant fist in the air. It was the song playing in the background during memorable overtimes like 1995 vs Boston, when Randy McKay jumped on the glass or when Grant Marshall sent the Devils to the Eastern Conference finals in 2003. It was the song played when Neal Broten scored the game winner in the 1995 Stanley Cup Finals and when Jeff Friesen sealed the Game 7 victory in 2003. There are memories attached to that song that are not evoked when "Song #2" is played.

The Devils fans that sign this petition want their song back.

However, we are willing to look at one other alternative: a vote. With the use of the internet, a poll can be set up on with a selection of songs for use after goals. Like the team name was chosen all the way back in 1982, let the fans choose their celebratory goal song.