North Lake Disc Golf Improvement Project

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    Parks and Rec. dept. Denton, TX
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The North Lakes disc golf park has gained in popularity very rapidly over the past few years, and we think it is about due for a makeover. We will be asking the Parks Department of Denton, TX for support in funding and overseeing this project. We are proposing a few key structural improvements to the park, and would like your support in this venture. Namely, we would like to see the installation of concrete tee pads. The current tee areas have seen many footsteps, and gradually eroded into narrow ruts. New tee pads will help prevent players from slipping and potentially hurting themselves. Concrete tee pads also improve the level of play and accuracy of the game. Another area of concern is the condition of the disc golf baskets and teesigns. There are a number of baskets, 5 or 6, that need minor repair. The teesigns, a relatively inexpensive replacement, are in great need of an overhaul. Teesigns provide players with necessary information for each hole, and also help new players navigate the course. We are also proposing design changes to holes #4, #5, #6 to reduce hazardous conditions, and to improve course flow and playability. A final area of concern is the condition and size of the parking lot. It is currently riddled with sizable potholes, ruts, and mud after a rain. The growing popularity of disc golf in North Texas has at many times pushed the parking lot beyond its current boundries. We feel the best way to demonstrate our concerns to the Parks and Rec. Department is to submit these proposals as a collective of the North Texas disc golf community. We are hoping to achieve this end by community members signing this petition as a pledge of their support to the North Lakes Disc Golf Improvement Project. If you have any questions or concerns please email Mike Doran at [email protected]