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    NVIDIA, as well as OEMs making products based on NVIDIA nForce chipsets
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We were shocked to learn that the APU had been dropped because the motherboard manufacturers didnt see it as necessary, and that NVIDIA complied instead of trying to make a new APU with better features. If NVIDIA had done this in the early days of their graphics solutions, they would not be where they are today.

We respectfully request that the manufacturers of NVIDIA nForce products request production of a new Audio Processing Unit, because we feel that it is a great differentiator in features between the nForce chipset and competitors products.

We also request that NVIDIA themselves think about restarting the project, as they have just as much reason to listen to end-users as the manufacturers do. OEMs may be their primary customers, but we, in turn, are theirs.

Motherboard manufacturers may request the supporting user made presentation from the Senior Product Manager of Audio on the nForce team.