Detroit Lions Need A New Owner

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    Mr. William Clay Ford Sr.
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We, as signers of this petition, state the following:

We believe that while you have owned the Detroit Lions the organization has not performed to the standards of a championship caliber NFL football club.

We believe that your ownership has been a sufficient condition that has kept the Detroit Lions from reaching the Super Bowl.

We believe that an owner's ability to create and sustain appropriate professional relationships is a necessary condition for achieving and sustaining a championship caliber NFL football club. We believe that you do not possess this ability, you never have possessed this ability, and you never will possess this ability.

Since you became the sole owner of the Detroit Lions on January 10, 1964, the following facts have been realized and are used to support our position (includes 2004 season):

1 playoff victory.
3 Division titles.
9 playoff losses, 8 of which were 1st round losses.
Overall wins/losses: 266/341 (.440 winning percentage; doesn't include ties)
28 losing seasons (regular seasons; includes 4 500-level seasons)
1 conference title appearance (a loss)
0 Super Bowl appearances

As a comparison to division peers for the same time period, we present the following:

Green Bay: 7 Division titles, 5 NFC titles, 3 Super Bowls, 3 NFL Championships;
Chicago: 7 Division titles; 1 NFC title; 1 Super Bowl; 1 NFL Championship;
Minnesota: 14 Division titles; 4 NFC titles; 1 NFL Championship.

We, as fans of the NFL's Detroit Lions, demand that you and all current agents and executives divest yourselves of all assets of the Detroit Lions, and that you and said agents and executives remove yourselves from all relations with the Detroit Lions. In short, we demand that you and your family sell the Detroit Lions on the open market.