Bring Back David Shuster

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We, the undersigned consumers of progressive media, urge, in the strongest possible terms, the return of David Shuster to the regularly scheduled MSNBC lineup, preferably in his own branded show.

As progressive consumers, we recognize and appreciate that Mr. Shuster's allegiance is not to us, but to journalism. We are not advocating for him because we expect him to tell us what we want to hear.

Mr. Shusters dedication to real journalism, his assertive and passionate style, and his singular preparedness for interviews, are evidence that his loyalties, professionalism and ethics are well matched for MSNBC's core demographic.

We further request that MSNBC President Phil Griffin reevaluate his demands that his journalists' loyalty be solely to his corporate "team," rather than to a higher standard of objectivity and truth.

Either bring David Shuster back or cut him loose so that we, his loyal audience, can follow this exceptional newsman to greener pastures.