An North American version of Japan's Nintendo Club

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Many of us are fans of Nintendo as well as their franchises, however we do feel left out on one major benefit that other parts of the world have, such as Japan's Nintendo Club.

Japan's Nintendo Club has a point system which allows Nintendo owners to register their game systems, and game titles online with Nintendo. Doing so they recieve points for it, using these points Nintendo Club members can redeem them for prizes such as stickers, cases, games and hardware.

Nintendo of America's 'MyNintendo' has a similar game system and game title registration system, however we recieve no such benefit like the Japanese Nintendo Club offers, with the exception of getting free issues for registering our products.

We all feel left out loop that allows us to get rare collectibles from Nintendo that isn't offered anywhere else. So this petition was made and signed by all Nintedo owners who wish to have a reward point system like this in place for North American customers and recieve collectible items.