Ban Divorce in California

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    Residents of California
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Protect Marriage!! Let's ban divorce in California!!
How can the "yes on 8" people argue with that? It's so family-friendly. Besides, with the divorce rate being about 50\%, divorce is a MUCH bigger threat to traditional marriage than is gay marriage. Divorce makes a mockery of marriage, and degrades the institution completely. It destroys children and encourages them to be future divorcees.

Come on everyone! Let's put it as a measure on the next California ballot!

What's that? Who am *I* to tell people they can't dissolve their own civil marriage contracts if they choose to? Well heck, a bunch of random people just told me that I can't ENTER into a civil marriage contract. I figure I ought to be able to tell them that they can't GET OUT OF their civil marriage contracts. Turn about is fair play, especially since "equal protection" under the constitution doesn't mean squat now.