National NO Train Day

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    National Railroad Passenger Corp. (Amtrak)
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We the undersigned call on the President of the U.S., Barack Obama, and the National Railroad Passenger Corp. to restore the Sunset Limited east of New Orleans to Jacksonville FL. We further ask that this be made a daily service, as opposed to the tri-weekly service of the past.
Passenger rail can improve the economic climate of an area that is still recovering from a major hurricane. Restoration of service will increase investment in infrastructure which will help combat rising unemployment along the Gulf Coast, assuring benefit to the entire region.
There have been an excessive number of reasons given for not reinstating the Sunset:
*Tracks destroyed by storm not repaired (repaired since march 06)
*Stations not repaired (most stops use only a platform)
*Sunset Limited is a "problematic train" not carrying enough passengers (a misleading statement when comparing trains running 7 days a week to the Sunset which runs 3 days a week).
Amttrak is the NATIONAL Passenger Rail System, but we have no national system when travelers from the west coast must go from New Orleans via Washington D.C. to get to Jacksonville. It is time to end this senseless and absurd course of NO TRAIN east of New Orleans, and end it NOW!