People against offensive pagan defintions

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    Webster and other offensive dictionaries
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I urge all people whether Judeo-Christian, pagan or atheist to sign this petition, if you believe that all religions, races and creeds should have equal treatment. That everyones religious heritage and culture should be respected and distortion of one's religious symbols and terms should not be tolerated.

This petition is for the editors of Merriam-Webster,, Cambridge, Yahoo reference and all dictionaries/thesauruses/etc that contain derogatory definitions for pagan, witch, heathen or other non-Christian religious terms.
We, the undersigned are demanding the definitions such as witch- meaning hag or pagan- as irreligious person include side notes. At the very least there should be italics explaining that these interpretations are concern offensive. Similarly to what your dictionaries already include for words like nigger, bitch, honkey, slut and so on. All these words have stipulations that they are offensive or disparaging. The definition of nigger goes as far to say that it is mainly used by bigots and racists. There is no such stipulation for the improper use of pagan and witch.
It is clear that the editors of these references fail to realize that pagan terms were altered during the rise of the Christianity. We must remember that the Christian/Catholic propaganda which related pagan, witch and any non-Christian to evil lead to the deaths and in-slavery of countless people (including Protestants, pagans, blacks and so on). Im sure that Websters editors would agree that the used of nigger against blacks have been used to incite violence and disenfranchised blacks. But let us not forget that popular excuse Europeans used for enslaving blacks and stealing land from Native Americans, that we were evil and lost pagans who needed to be converted.
All we ask it the dictionaries acknowledge that misinterpretation of pagan terms can and has lead to discrimination and oppression of pagan and native cultures. Therefore, the editors owe us the same respect they gave to other religions, the sexes and races. We ask the dictionaries like Webster who include both accurate and slang terms include italics to reflect offensive definitions. There are also dictionaries like Cambridge who only have discriminatory explanations for words like witch. These sources need to update their terms to reflect modern paganism/wicca and add sub-notes for offensive definitions.

This petition is in no way meant to insult blacks (which I am on), Christians and anyone else for that matter. We have all had our struggles and the undersigned are fighting for the respect and rights for all people.