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Demand the U.S. Government to stop supporting Israel

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The U.S. Government is supplying the state of Israel with billions of U.S. dollars in currency and weapons. Israel is using the money and weapons to violently oppress the Palestinian people.
The Mid-East Crisis is not a war. It is an act of the wealthy state of Israel forcefully and illegally subjecting the Palestinian people to live in a continual condition of oppression and violence. This violence is due to a small number of Israeli people who have illegally settled in Palestine and refuse to go back to Israel. Because of Israeli greed, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are suffering and living in a state of deprivation deemed unfit for humans by International Human Rights authorities.
Palestinian people are forced to close their businesses, their children's schools , and in some areas are living as prisoners in their own homes due to Israeli imposed curfews. In addition,hundreds of acres of orchards and crops are bulldozed by the Israeli military daily and water is stolen and given to illegal Jewish settlers to fill their swimming pools. At night homes, businesses, churches, mosque and schools are destroyed by missiles.
Do not think that the Mid-East Crisis does not involve the American people. We are supplying the money that our government is giving to Israel. We are allowing our government to supply Israel with weapons that are being used to destroy people's lives and kill innocent children.
The American people have the ability to stop the violence in the Mid-East. Open your eyes, your minds and your hearts and demand that your government stop supporting Israel in the Mid-East Crisis.