Final Scratch by Stanton and Native Instruments

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We the owners of Stantons FinalScratch powered by Traktor DJ software technology From Native Instruments
Would like both companies (Stanton and Native Instruments) to continue support
for their Linux and MAC and New WINDOWS XP versions at no additional cost to us.
More for the Linux version because both companies have decided to stop all support
for Linux version.

We have not been given what the product "Final Scratch" and its designers both Stanton and Native Instruments
have promised both on the side of the package box as well as on their websites.

They do not give technical support in any timely manner or fashion. They have
jumped to support one platform more than the other, when this item was built for
both platforms (Linux and Mac) at the same time. They have dropped all support for
Linux version so that they may continue on with MAC and a New Windows version
which they said could never work.

They want us to pay for updates that we should have had free all along.(page 9 of Operations Manual.)
We feel that they have not properly tested this program and equipment before releasing
it to the public. And now we have been BETA TESTING their product,finding numerous and countless glitches in both
software and hardware.

Their new windows version which they promised would work, doesnt seem to be bug free, the same
as the other versions.

They made those who purchased the first version v1.0 ,pay for the upgrade/update
to version v1.1 in order to have continued support and updates,which really didnt have any difference to it at all. And if it did, it was an option that
didnt work, or caused more bugs or errors in performance. They made any v1.1 user pay for v1.5 (window xp version)if they wanted continued support and updates because they are stopping any further
support and development for the Linux Version. Those that were v1.0 that paid to be v1.1 now have to pay again
to be v1.5 if they choose to have continued development and support but this version has MANY MANY BUGS.

They tested a chip (philips chip) for their soundcard that caused errors or audio drops, and pops in the
audio that was played back and still decided to put this chip into the SCRATCHAMP. And it wasnt just one
or 2 chips that did this, but all of them, and they knowingly and willingly decided to still use this chip.
Now owners of this State of the ART DJ Equipment that is used to entertain music fans and clubbers have to deal with these crackles,
and pops in the music caused by this DEFECTIVE CHIP.

There was a NON-REFUND policy put in place when purchasing FinalScratch from Guitar Center retailers where
Final Scratch was being sold,because of the software that would have to be installed on the users computer.So when both , the hardware and software, dont work on certain computers, we cannot take the item back for a refund.

We want the free updates as stated per Operations Manual for all versions and platforms.
We want the full functionability of Features Listed on package and in manual
We want the ScratchAmp to perform with minimal audio drops or errors and glitches within an ACCEPTABLE LIMIT.
We want continued Linux Support.
If this would seem like overload then we would like to be able to exhange current software and hardware
for newer hardware and software that has been developed since.