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Many thanks for supporting Plastic People.
We know that you are all keen to assist in the mission to keep Plastic People open.
The Friends of Plastic People has been formed, and met with Plastic People management to encourage them to work closely with the police and the council prior both prior to the 11th March deadline for representations, and subsequent to this date before the actual hearing; everyone recognizes that working with the police and the council moving forward will yield the best result in the long run.
The police have made an application Hackney council for a review of Plastic Peoples license under the following grounds:

* Prevention of public nuisance
* Prevention of crime and disorder

By signing this petition you are stating the following:

1/ You have been to Plastic People and have never had any issues with staff or other people within the club.
2/ You have never been offered drugs within the club.
3/ You enjoy the intimacy of the venue.
4/ The darkness of the dance floor enables you to dance freely without people watching, allowing you to express yourself with focus purely on the music .
5/ That Plastic People is the best club in the area.
6/ That Plastic People is renowned for showcasing the best in all genres of music .
7/ Plastic People has one of the most regular diverse crowds in London.

Please also send your representations (a letter) via us (Friends of Plastic People), these can then be submitted in a bundle alongside Plastic Peoples representations on the 11th March. Please DO NOT send representations straight to Hackney Council Licensing UNLESS you live in the vicinity of the club.

PO Box 302
Rosden House
372 Old Street
[email protected]