Require HUD Investigate Discrimination and Harassment at Park Place Condo

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Dear President Obama Require HUD Investigate Discrimination and Harassment at Park Place Condo

As a citizen of the United States and/or an owner or resident of Park Place Condominium Association, located at 2500 N. Van Dorn St., Alexandria, VAI support Ms. Allen in her request for an investigation of her complaint filed with the Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and various goverment offices.

Ms. Allen a black female and owner at the property complained in writing of being viciously sexually and racially harassed in her condominium home by a white, male employee at Park Place. What happened? The all white, mostly male condo association board led by Don Burke and the property management company Legum and Normancompletely ignored her.

Ms. Allen filed a complaint with HUD and Wanda Nieves, Director of Region III, and requests that office, or other applicable government office to uphold the Constitution and conduct an investigation.

To protect herself, Ms. Allen obtained her apartment key from the management officeand kept it, in fear of her safety--because of the constant harassment that continues to this day, from the staff at Park Place. Then, the Park Place Condo Board SUED HER, to get the key back!

As part of their Circuit Court lawsuit, theyre asking the Judge to charge her with over $5,000 dollars in feesto include their attorneys fees for time spent researching how to defend against the complaint she filed, with HUD. We think this is unfair retaliation against her!

Despite numerous letters to HUD to request a temporary restraining order and for an investigation into the caseHUD has also ignored her! Is HUD refusing to investigate? It seems that way, although HUD appears to have discussed the case with the attorney for the Defendants Kevin Kernan with the Law Office of Whiteford, Taylor and Preston, L.L. P. Mr. Kernan also seems to be acting on behalf of ALL the defendants, including Park Place Condo Association and the property management company, Legum and Norman.

We have some questions about this case:

* Is this in keeping with Ms. Allen's Constitutional rights?

* Do big law firms and companies have more influence at HUD,than the laws HUD is supposed to uphold, or the rights of the people HUD is supposed to protect?

* Is this change we can believe in?

Mr. President, we say, NO! and we ask your support in demanding HUD investigate this case to support the Constitution and the fair housing rights of the Park Place Community.